I’m trying to crush my insecurities and get back to…

I’m trying to crush my insecurities and get back to feeling like I’m a beautiful, deserving, occasionally babe-like, woman with thunder thighs and a cutie booty. Hopefully, these little baby steps will get me there 💁🏻

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(Submited by @yaysuccsex)  I always promised myself I would…

(Submited by @yaysuccsex) 

I always promised myself I would submit a picture here, but I wasn’t strong enough. Today, after many months struggling with constant battles, I felt beautiful. 

I must say thanks to  Bec for creating this blog, you don’t know how much it motivates me to keep going on. 

upworthy: A Brazilian tattoo artist is helping survivors of…


A Brazilian tattoo artist is helping survivors of domestic violence in a unique way.

Two years ago, tattoo artist Flavia Carvalho was contacted by a woman who wanted to cover a large scar on her abdomen with a tattoo. The woman’s story — a man stabbed her with a switchblade in a nightclub after she turned down his advances — was heart-wrenching. 

After tattooing the woman and seeing the joy and relief in her reaction, Flavia realized that her ink and needles could be used in a new way: to heal.

Hey! I’m a big girl who’s thighs constantly are touching and rubbing. I don’t know if this just happens to me but I get what I think are like blood blisters between my thighs. Do you know if this is normal for thick thighs?

This is completely normal for thick thighs. Between my thighs are so dark, like a really dark brown/grey. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to stop the discolouration, that will be there. And I know the blood blisters/spots can really really hurt. 

I suggest putting talcum powder between your thighs everyday once you’ve washed and dried off, and if you’re wearing a dress/skirt, investing in a pair of comfort shorts to minimise chafing. 

I know it’s almost a taboo subject, discussing things like this, but they do need to be said. To keep the blisters and spots from infection, it’s really important to wash down there with a paraben free soap and a good loofah. 

Because your thighs are nearly always touching, I advise sleeping with no pyjama bottoms or underwear, to give between your thighs a chance to air out which will help the spots/blisters.

I hope this helped sweetheart. You’re not alone. This is something people need to know about. And I’m sorry that you felt like you were alone.