Freshman 15: Part 1

Reagan and her friend Lila, high school seniors, perused Instagram together while eating in the local mall food court. “Oh my god, look how fat Jenny looks in this picture Alyssa posted of her!” Reagan exclaimed. “No wonder she asked her to untag her,” smirked Lila. Reagan continued scrolling, noticing more girls who had graduated the year before looking more bloated and softer than she remembered them. “There is no way I will let myself go that much in college. Like they say everyone gains the freshman 15 but I have way too much self-control for that, girl.” “Me fuckin’ too. You will never catch me stuffed into a pair of high waisted shorts that fit perfectly 3 months ago with a roll hanging over the top,” Lila scoffed.

Fast forward one year later. Reagan awoke on the first day of her first spring semester, glad she didn’t have class until 10. Lila was across the small dorm room from her, rushing to get ready for her 9am. Reagan was enjoying college so far. She had made some friends in class, got invited to parties, and occasionally hooked up with a boy named Ryan. So far, she had kept her promise to herself that she wouldn’t gain the freshman 15, although she did overindulge a bit over Christmas break and she was feeling a tiny bit softer than she would have preferred. A couple intense workouts should bring her back to where she wanted to be, though.

She watched Lila struggle to button her jeans. “Goddammit! I ate so fucking much while I was home for break. All I did was lay around.” It showed, honestly. Reagan had noticed that Lila had definitely gained some weight during their first semester, though it wasn’t super noticeable because she was good at dressing in a flattering manner. Plus, she didn’t start by getting a beer belly; she was lucky and gained weight mostly in her butt and hips, giving her just a slightly more dramatic hourglass figure, as well as larger breasts. In the month she was home, Reagan had barely seen her, as Reagan worked retail and also had been on vacation with her family. Watching her attempt to close the button on her size 3 jeans, though, it was obvious Lila was getting a bit of a tummy. She jumped, shimmying into the pants a bit, pulling them up to her more narrow natural waist. Her belly jiggled as she did so, but she sucked it in and was able to fasted the jeans. She relaxed, and a small muffin top formed. Lila looked down at it, annoyed. “Fuck my life. I’m gonna be late.” She threw on a loose sweatshirt, grabbed her books, and bolted out the door.

Reagan got out of bed and peeled off her sweatpants, examining her own body in their mirror. The strings on her thong were cutting into her sides a bit, creating faint love handles. She turned to the side. Her belly was bulging a bit, though not anymore than it would be if she was just bloated. “I’ll just make sure I eat really healthy this week,” she thought. She didn’t wanna be like Lila, barely able to fasten her pants. How embarrassing.

If she was being honest, she was actually a little turned on at the idea of Lila getting chubby. Reagan was pretty, with long dark hair, green eyes, and freckles. Lila, however, gave off more of a sexy vibe, with her naturally curvaceous shape and beachy blond hair. Boys always gave Lila attention, and her first semester gain had only accentuated her best assets. Her boobs were bulging out of her 34D bra by the time it was finals week. Reagan looked down at her more modest B-cups, sighed, and put her oversize tee back on, paired with some yoga leggings.

Two months later, the weather was warming up and Reagan and Lila were at their first outdoor party of the year. By only 10pm, Lila had already had 2 beers, a shot of tequila, and was nursing a mixed drink. She was wearing a black bodycon dress that Reagan had bought with her sometime in the summer between high school and college, and it was certainly….bodycon. Her curves were in full display, but so was her growing belly. Reagan could not take her eyes off it. Lila was still, all things considered, pretty small. A random person off the street wouldn’t describe her as chubby, but Reagan estimated she had probably put on maybe twenty pounds since the year started. Her thighs used to barely touch, and they had visible muscle tone, but now they were thick and pressed together in the middle. Her butt had lost its muscle tone as well, but remained round. Reagan hadn’t seen her try to wear jeans since the first day of the semester. She knew Lila had chosen the dress because there was no way her shorts were going to fit her. Her upper arms were doughy and her face had filled out, but it honestly suited her, making her features softer and more delicate-looking. Her belly was really more accurately a pooch of fat below her belly button, accompanied by a set of love handles, accentuated by the thong she had to wear under her tight dress.

Reagan was trying to stick to shots with low-calorie chasers, but if she was being honest with herself, she had not lost the few pounds of holiday weight she’d gained and instead had put on several more. She hadn’t weighed herself, and her clothes still fit, but unlike Lila, her weight all went straight to her midsection. It wasn’t quite a potbelly yet, but she had expanded. She was wearing a baggy shirt because she knew she would get bloated from drinking, and that combined with the excess fat she was rapidly accumulating around her midsection was a recipe for some embarrassing party pictures of her to appear.

“Rea! Let’s dance, girl!” yelled Lila, approaching her with two red cups. “What’s in that?” Reagan asked. “It’s rum and coke.” She handed it to her, but Reagan appeared hesitant. “Relax, girly. I know you’re trying to watch your calories or whatever but live a little. We’re underage and it’s free alcohol. Ya take what ya can get, ya know?” Lila said, grabbing Reagan’s hand and dragging her to the makeshift dancefloor. Regan took a few sips. It was good.

The two girls joined the crowd of drunk twentysomethings, jokingly attempting to twerk to the trap beat the DJ was playing. Lila bent Reagan over and pretended to slap her ass. When she stood back up, she could feel the bottom of Lila’s protruding tummy against the small of her back.

To be continued…

my favorite type of weight gain is when a girl who’s been slim/average size her whole life…

my favorite type of weight gain is when a girl who’s been slim/average size her whole life starts to put on weight in college. fully clothed, you wouldn’t guess how much fat is on her body. in shorts, you notice there’s no muscle definition in her legs anymore and her inner thighs are rubbing together. in a bikini, you notice a little belly and some love handles. her jawline and neck soften, her upper arms get doughy, her breasts get bigger and she focuses on things like that to distract herself from the fact that she’s outgrown her high school jeans and her tummy is poking out of shirts. she lives in yoga pants and oversized tees, but even those are starting to stretch taut over her growing body.